Two recordings of
Scully Casey’s
Willie Coleman’s

Scully Casey’s (jig) is also known as Brian O’Lynn, Bryan O’Lynn, Bryan O’Lynn’s, The Cockled Old Man, Ducks And Oats, The Ducks And The Oats, Ducks In The Oats, The Ducks In The Oats, Guiry’s Favourite, Gurney’s Fancy, Hitler’s Downfall, John Mahinney’s, John Mahinney’s No. 2, John Maloney’s, John O’Mahony’s, Na Lachain Sa Choirce.

Willie Coleman’s (jig) is also known as The Castle Bay, The Castleray, Foyne’s, Mice In The Cupboard, The Moate Hunt, Ollie Reilly, Sheep On The Moor, Willie Coleman’s, Willy Coleman’s.

Call The Set - II by The Red Abbey Group

  1. Willie Coleman’s
  2. Scully Casey’s
  3. Conlan’s

The Nervous Man by Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh

  1. John Maloney’s
  2. Willie Coleman’s
  3. Tonra’s