The Kitchen Maid jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Kitchen Maid
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:c2 e f>ga|A>AA cBA|c2 e a>cc|B>BB f2 e|
c2 e f>ga|A>AA cBA|d2 c B>BB|c2 e f2 e:|
|:a3 a3|c>cc e>cc|a3 a3|B>BB f2 e|
a3 a3|c>cc e>cc|d2 c B>BB|c2 e f2 e:|
|:c2 e e>ce|f<af e>ce|c2 f e>ce|Bce f2 e|
c2 f e>ce|f<af e>ce|d<fd c<ac|Bce f2 e:|
|:e2 c B>BB|c2 f cBA|e2 c B>BB|cee f2 e|
e2 c B>BB|c2 f cBA|f2e f>cc|B>BB f2 e:|

Seven comments

The Kitchen Maid

A four part Scottish jig as played by Donnie Black and Malcolm Jones on the album Close to Home. This also be the tune requested by Slainte.

Thanks, Edgar. This is the real one.

As a variation the last line of the second part can go:

a3 A>AA | B>BB c>cc | d2 c B>BB | c2 e f2 e :|

borderpipers posted variation is actually the most commonly recited version of this tune. A few years back I learned this tune from pipe music in a dusty old collection only to discover everybody else was playing the second part that way.

Also come across borderpipers variation being used on the last line “on the repeat” of the part only.

That variation appears on a Capercaillie album so I think a lot of people got it off there.

Re: The Kitchen Maid

What a fabulous tune