Chuckling In The Bunk hornpipe

By Josephine Marsh

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One setting

X: 1
T: Chuckling In The Bunk
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AG|:FAdc dAFA|Ggfe d2ef|gecA ^GA=GE|DEFB A2AG|
FAdF Ggec|defb a2ag|fdAF Ggec|1 d2dc d2AG:|2 d2dc d2fg||
|:a2a^g a2ga|b2a2 abag|fedc defg|a^gab a2a=g|
fdAf ecAF|GA (3Bcd A3g|fdAF Ggec|1 d2dc d2fg:|2 d2dc d2AG||

Five comments

Cycling Home

A friend gave me this lovely tune a while back and I’ve been trying to find some information about it. He learned it a few years ago at a Siobhan Peoples tune workshop but doesn’t now anything more about it.

This is not the reel by Josephine Marsh of the same name as indicated by the data base here.

Plays well in a set with Tailors Twist and the Fairies Hornpipe

I wish I could fine somw/any information about this tune 😏

But it IS a Josephine Marsh tune, nevertheless! It’s Chuckling In The Bunk, which kicks off Track 2 of the same CD, I Can Hear You Smiling.

Pretty tune.

Cycling home and Chuckling in the bunk

Hello there. Haven’t been on the session site for years but just noticed that there was a bit of confusion over two tunes of mine. No worries ha ha. Both the reel Cycling home and the hornpipe Chuckling in the bunk are on my band cd (a few years old now!). They are 2 seperate tunes. Thanks. Hope this info is better late than never 🙂