La Citternalia mazurka

Also known as Na Siternalia.

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Citternalia
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A/ B>c |d>A F>A d>c | d>A F>A B>A | c>A ^G>A B>A | G2- G>A B>=c |
c>A ^G>A B>A | c>A ^G>A B>c |[1 d>A F>A E>C | D2- D3/ :|[2 d>f e>g c>e | d2- d3/ ||
|: A/ B>c |d2 f>=f ^f>e | d>A F>A F>D | g2 g>f g>e | c2- c>A ^G>A |
g2 g>f g>e |[1 c>A ^G>A =G>E | D>E F>G ^G>A | d2- d3/ :|[2 c>a ^g>a =g>e | d2 A2 F2 | D2- D2 ||
|: (3ABc |d>A F>A (3dcd | d>A (3FGA BA | (3cBA ^G>A (3cBA | G2- G2 (3AB=c |
c>A (3G^GA B>A | c>A (3G^GA (3cec |[1 d>A (3FDF (3ECE | D4 :|[2 (3dfe (3gec (3gec | d2- d2 ||
|: (3ABc |(3dcd f>=f (3^fef | (3dcd A>F (3DFA | (3gag (3fgf (3ecA | G2- G>A ^G>A |
(3gag g>f (3gfe |[1 (3cBA ^G>A (3=GFE | D>E (3FG^G B>A | d2- d2 :|[2 (3ca^g (3a=ge (3cde | (3ded (3cBA (3GFE | D2- D3/ |]

Thirteen comments

That two-string thang - - -

This is for Dow / Mark and CC / Dar - both of the Cittern persuasion, one with a rocket ship of a model and the other with the sailboat version. I’ve been swamped with bad news of late, would you believe it, those of you who touched on that thread that Jeremy axed, well, three terminal cases of cancer - all smoking related, all people close to us musically and otherwise. So, I’ve been sheding a lot of tears, getting them out of the way so we can talk to these loved ones without that interference, since as you might imagine, those loved ones have enough of this to deal with, so I make them laugh in between the crying and we talk of the past and the present.

Anyway, some salvation was met when Mark (Dow) chose to give up smoking, which I’m hoping he can keep to, knowing he has the strength of character, stubborness and willfulness, to do so. But he will remain a friend whatever. On the other side of things Dar (CC) in Cape Breton has entertained me with continual email messages courtesy of this site - and from both I have drawn some strength.

This mad tune just came in to tickle me on an ice cold walk as I was in fact thinking of them and chatting about them - and some shight that has come down in my neck of the woods. I have my waders on, so I will survive, though I am not particularly keen about petty beauraucracy. But that is another story.

It surprises me that something as silly as this mazurka, an jolly can jump out of some pretty stressful things, but that seems to be the way of things - like with Irish traditions… Tonight I’ll be on the phone again to at least one of those friends struggling with their immediate mortality, and their partner…

Hey, if any of you do smoke, well, I would never judge you or turn you away, but I hope you can find the strength to quit, for the sake of all who love you, so you’ll be around a little longer, even you assholes out there, not for me, but for yourself and those you care about…stay awhile longer, play music for a little longer, share in the craic that little bit longer that quitting will give you…

seriously - with love - ‘c’

Damn, I missed that ‘C’, which should have been ‘c’. Also, the trebling given as a variant for the second time through, it was a lot worse in real life, a lot more notes…and not just triplets…but hey, I said it was ice cold…

A Heart Felt Thank you

Thank you for this beautiful, playful, thoughtful gift and for all of your support and kind friendship!

Posted by .

Thanks ‘c’, what a happy-sounding tune!

Re: ‘na’ clumsy alternate title - - -

After my rant on that ‘Country Dance Thang’ (for example - ‘Triumph’) creeping in here, Pandora’s casket of dances, I thought I’d better cobble some Frankenstein name together with a bit of ‘celt’ in it. It’s not that I don’t dip into historic dance myself, and I have also ‘literally’ dipped, oh my achin’ back, including part playing and dressing up like a twit, and ‘dar’ I say - worse. But, that is in my past, for now, so I won’t elucidate. I’ve given up enough of my embarrassment already in this regard. I just don’t think this is the place for that time and the usual airs associated with its re-enactment - usually referred to as "English Country Dancing" or "Playford", and tending toward the same fondness as the RSCDS for "Balls" rather than just plain "dance", and pomposity. But hey, some folks get a kick out of that, if taking it far too seriously, and I have had fun with it too, if laughing more than some thought was appropriate - to the time and the re-enactment.

I had a good laugh when I saw the new name above - "Northumbrian Tunes Info", not exactly in cognito, and it must rank with the longest ones on site. I was wondering, with a little doctoring and reduction that maybe "NIT" would be better - "We are the knights that go ‘nit’!" - Nit! - Nit! - NIT!…

"Happy Sounding Tune" - Hey, I just thought NIT, is that a criticism?


Not to forget my usual - someone complaining about the trebling as it is mechanically presented via this link -

Don’t forget that there is an emphasis on the 1st and 3rd beat of every bar, whatever state you are in or whatever twist you put on it… It has had me dancing around the place and getting carried away totally ‘Saturnalia’…

I liked La Citternalia better, ceol. ;)

So do I Zina - nice to see you…figuratively speaking…

Oh, I’m always around at some point or another. 🙂

Nit - Nit - Nit! - Nu - Nu - gNu! - I think I’d better see that film again, not sure I want to be one of those knights. By the way, is there a doctor in the house?