Mason’s Men reel

Also known as The Mason’s Men.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mason's Men
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2 cd ecde|a2 ga fdec|dBcd ecde|f2 ec d2 fe|
d2 cd ecde|a2 ga fdec|dBcd ecde|faec d2 de||
f B3 FB3|ceag fede|f B3 FB3|ABcd Bcde|
fB3 FB3|ceag fede|fB3 FB3|ABcd BABc||
d2 cd ecde|(3aba ga fdec|dBcd ecde|(3fgf ec dgfe|
d/d/d cd ecde|(3aba ga fdec|dAB/c/d ecde|faec dcde||
f ~B3 F~B3|ceag fede|f~ B3 F~B3|ABcd Bcde|
fBFB DFBd|ceag fede|~f3d BFBd|ABcd efge||
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One comment

The Mason’s Men

This simple little single reel (played ABAB) was written by box player John Williams. I learned it from Solas’ self titled cd on the Shanachie label. My "as played" version strays a bit from what Solas plays and is one way I might play the tune on fiddle. You can also do some nice drones on long double stops with the [fB] or [FB] combinations.

I like the shift from D maj to B min, which also comes in handy mid flight in a set when you’re trying to think of an interesting key change…going into Julia Delaney in Dm is fun.

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