Morrison’s Favourite jig

Also known as Gone To The Dogs, Jackie Roche’s Favourite, The Pilgrim, The Pilgrimage, Morrison’s Favorite.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Morrison's Favourite
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
fgf fed|cAG EFG|fgf fed|eaa efg|
fgf fed|cAG EFG|GFG BAG|1 FDD D2 e:|2 FDD D3||
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X: 2
T: Morrison's Favourite
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
BAB E2E|BAB def|edB AFA BEE E3:|
|:e2e efe|def afd|efe dBA|~B3 dBA|
Bee efe|def afd|edB AFA|BEE E3:|
X: 3
T: Morrison's Favourite
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
[2 A3 A3|AGE cBA|GFG ~A3|FDD D2||
e|:fdf ~g2d|cAG EFG|~f3 ged|eaa efg|
fdf ~g2d|cAG EFG|A3 ~B2G|FDD D2||

Twenty-two comments

Paddy Cronin’s - original title?

I’ve titled this as “Paddy Cronin’s” because I learned it from a recording made of him at the fiddle recital at last year’s Willie Clancy Week. He only played the 1 tune, and oddly, the first 3 or 4 times through, he played it without repeating the second part. The last twice he played it as posted, ie – AABB. If anyone has the correct name for this, I’d be grateful, but I’d rather it was titled to Paddy Cronin rather than yet another “Gan Ainm”. [ I may be posting a few of those in the near future, so any help would be appreciated.]

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Nice tune! BTW the mode is Dmix.

Thanks NTO

I’ll get the hang of modes one day! Thanks, Mark.

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Maybe it’s just the timing in the second bar, but this sounds like it could make quite a nice slide.

I guess just about any jig could be re-written as a slide but this one seems particularly suitable. I had a bash at arranging it as a slide and this is what I came up with:

A2B D2E A2 B c2 A | G2A G2 E G2A EFG |
A2B DED A2 B c2 A | G2A BAG F2D D3 :|
f2g fed c2A EFG | f2g fed e2a efg |
f2g fed c2A E2F | G2A BAG F2D DD3 :|

In any case, as a jig or a slide, it’s a grand tune. But then, I’m real sucker for those Dmixolydian tunes… just about anything with “hag” in the title, for instance. 🙂

The Hills Of Glenorchy

This tune is already in the data base by none other than slainte. He posted it in July 2002 under the name, “The Hills Of Glenorchy” in Edor.

It has its similarities but I wouldn’t say it’s the same tune.

I also think they’re different.

It’s so similar that if someone posted it and said they wrote it I bet you’d tell them they just wrote Paddy Cronin’s jig in a different key. This database is full of tunes with versions posted in the comments that are more different from the main one than these are. Look again.

Hey Dow, I have a novel idea; why not change your user name to “Mark” so we don’t have to feel like we’re talking to someone who answers the phone at the library. 😉


I know the “Hills Of Glenorchy”, Jack, and if I had thought this was the same tune, I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place. I can see the similarities when I look at and compare the sheetmusic of the 2 tunes, but I think I have a pretty good ear for recognising tunes, and I certainly never thought “Hills Of Glenorchy” when I heard Paddy Cronin playing this jig. At the end of the day, Jeremy decides, and if he wants to remove it, or relocate it to the “Comments” section for “HoG” , [ and he certainly hasn’t given any indication of that in his above comments ], that’s his prerogative, and we all live with it. Personally , I think it stands on its’ own, and if it was relegated to the “Comments” section, I would think that a pity.
You could always put it to the test at your local session. Play “Paddy Cronin’s” and then 15 minutes later, “The Hills Of Glenorchy”, and see if anyone says “Hey, you’ve already played that!”. I don’t think they would.

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Kenny - Here are the ABCs for “Pat Burke’s,” as they appeared recently on IRTRAD. This is what gave me the idea it might be the same tune. I recognized what you posted to be the same tune as this, and I noticed that “The Hills of Glenorchy” was included as a title of the ABCs from IRTRAD. Personally, I’m not concerned about whether Jeremy posts this stuff in the comments for the other tune – I just thought I’d point it out to whoever might be interested. I’m just about to learn this tune, but what Key to play it in is my real concern. But I guess since Kevin Gow’s source is fellow sessioneer, Mary Logan, I’ll learn it in this key.

T:Pat Burke’s
T:The Jolly Corkonian
T:The Chapel Bell
T:The Hills of Glenorchy
N:from Mary Logan during a session
Z:Kevin Gow
17:23:35 UT
BAB E2E|BAB def|edB AFA BEE E3:|
|:e2e efe|def afd|efe dBA|~B3 dBA|
Bee efe|def afd|edB AFA|BEE E3:|

Actually yes I do. You’ve obviously been playing too many years if they’re all starting to sound the same 😉

Including Out on the Ocean, too.

Hahahaha! That in-joke’s from a while ago…

C naturally

I just realized I was playing this tune with C sharps. No wonder it sounded like those other tunes to me. I guess those other tunes are more like each other than this one. But you have to admit that waltz really did sound a lot like Out on the Ocean.

Recording found

Guitar player Paul de Grae located this tune on a record by a fiddle-player named Jackie Roche, recorded in the1950s. Mr Roche was apparently a pupil of James Morrison, and probably having no name for it, named it after his teacher. Jackie Roche, or his record, was Paddy Cronin’s source for the tune, although having heard both versions, Paul reckoned that Paddy had introduced a few wee variations of his own.
My thanks to Paul for the information.

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The Pilgrimage

This is the title James Morrison wrote out in manuscript, reprinted in the book “The Professor, James Morrison.” Here is the setting he gives:

X: 1
T: Pilgrimage, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
e|:fdf ~g2d|cAG EFG |~f3 ged|eaa efg|
fdf ~g2d|cAG EFG|A3 ~B2G|FDD D2|

In bar 3 of the 2nd part he uses a turn symbol over the high f, in other places he writes out 4 sixteenth notes, eg “gage.” I’ve substituted the roll symbol in these instances. The book also has slurs noted, the number 4 over As where he wants the student to use the pinky on the D string instead of sounding the open A, and also the admonition “don’t play this fast.” You’d best pay attention too, as I understand it Jim would crack the bow over the student’s fingers when they slipped up.

Note that he also has this in D major. There are other tunes in the book in Dmix with just the one sharp. Maybe this was just an oversight here.

Jackie Roche - The Cook in the Kitchen, Morrison’s Favorite (Jigs) mp3 =

Recorded by “The Doon Ceili Band”

Just found this jig on the “Doon Ceili Band” CD, as “Jackie Roche’s Favourite”. Sleeve notes say :
“The first tune here is from New York fiddler Jackie Roche ,who was James Morrison’s prize pupil. In a book of tunes written down by Morrison for another student, this tune is called ”The Pilgrim“,”

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Another title

This tune shows up as Double Jig #17 in Josephine Keegan’s 2004 collection “A Drop in the Ocean”. As with a great many of the settings in this interesting book, the tune is given a new title, in this case ‘Gone to the Dogs’.

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Re: Morrison’s Favourite

I was fortunate enough to be given my first steps in trad by fiddler Dan Collins in NYC in the mid-1970s. The first tune he taught me was…“Jackie Roache’s Favourite.” So that was the title for this tune in the Collins family, for sure — his sister Kathleen recorded it under that title in her 2008 recording MY TUNE BOOK. They were not students of Morrison; but they were growing up and learning in the NYC of that time and Jackie Roache and his music would surely have been known quantities. When I acquired a copy of Morrison’s student’s copy book through Iris Nevins I was surprised to see his title of THE PILGRIMAGE for this tune. But that’s what makes titles both so useless…and so interesting. FWIW.