Follow Me Up reel

Also known as Paddy Mills’.

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Desi’s Gan Ainm

As with the last tune I posted, I have no name for this, so have named it after the “source” musician. I have a feeling I’ve heard it somewhere else - it may even already be in the database, but I tried an “advanced” search and nothing came up. If anyone has a name for it, please let me know, and I’ll change the title.
Desi played this at a Willie Clancy week flute /whistle recital, I think in 1986. He preceded it with the reel popularly known as “Charlie Harris’s”. This is a tune very well suited to Desi’s driving style of playing. Recommended for all flute players!

Follow Me Up?

Hi Kenny,

I can only find 1 other transcription of this entitled “Follow Me Up”. Check it out and see if you think it’s the same tune.

X: 133
T:Follow Me Up
D:Cran, The Crooked Stair
Z:Gordon Turnbull, Edinburgh
N:Posted to the woodenflute mailing list January 2002
F: 2005-01-29 20:05:14 UT
ABAG EGA{B}G | A{BA}GAB d3 B | ABAG EGBd | ge{g}ed BA A2 :||
agea gedB | ABAG EG G2 | agea gedB | GBdB {c}BA A2 |
agea gedB | ABAG EG G2 | A{BA}GAB d2 de | ge{g}ed BAAG |]

Paddy Mills’ on Harry Bradley’s solo album

I quote the notes: “In Belfast, the first tune is associated with the flute player Leon Agnew who seems to have introduced it to the city, though I heard the County Mayo fiddler Paddy Mills play it first.”

Thanks Kenny for a nice flute tune.

Knew I’d heard it before !

Thank you both, gentlemen. “Follow Me Up ” it is. This is ridiculous, because I’m sitting here looking at “The Crooked Stair”. None of “Cran’s” recordings are in the database yet, but that’s about to change, and I was listening to it only a couple of days ago. It didn’t register with me because it’s a slowed-down version. The sleeve notes say Desi also got the tune from Leon Agnew.
Harry has indeed rcorded it as “Paddy Mills’”.

This is a close relation (the A-part, at least) of Follow Me Up To Carlow,
(also related to the air of the song of the same name).

Another variant, entitled Follow Me *Down*, was recorded by Jackie Daly and Seamus Creagh and goes approximately as follows:

T:Follow Me Down
ABAG EFG2| AGAB cded | cBcG EGAa |1 gedB cAAG :|2 gedB cAA2|
ecc2 ecgc|BGG2 Bcdf|ecc2 ecea|gedB cAA2|agef gedB|cBcG EGG2|AGAB ceaf|gedB cAA2:|

Follow Me Up from Gerry O’Connor

Gerry O’Connor has this on his Journeyman cd as “Hanley’s.”

X: 1
T: Hanley’s
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
D: Journeyman, Gerry O’Connor
K: Ador
A3G E~G3|AGAB d3c|ABAG EGG2|gedB {d}BAGB|
A3G E~G3|AGAB d3c|ABAG EGG2|gedB {d}BAA2||
ageg {a}gedc|ABAG EGG2|agef ~g3a|gedB {d}BAA2|
ageg {a}gedc|ABAG E~G3|A/A/G AB d3e|gedB {d}BAGB||

Posted .

There is more than one ‘Hanley’ in the world ~

Assuming this is via Mick, ‘Hanley’ has had more than one tune ascribed to him by his name, right or wrong ~ a great store of music, if not the memory always for the name for it… 😉

This tune is in the Gunn Book (Fermanagh 1865) as Lady Luebeck’s Reel.
I otherwise know it as Follow me Down