Five recordings of
Ievan Polkka

Ievan Polkka (polka) is also known as A Finnish, Eva’s, The Finnish, Ieva’s, Ieva’s Polkka, Ievan’s Polkka, Kuppari Eeva, Leekspin, Leva’s, Levan, Levan Polkka, The Levan, Loituma’s, Savitaipaleen Polkka.

Fire In The Air by Bobbi Nikles

  1. Jessica’s
  2. Finnish
  3. Riding On A Load Of Hay
  4. The Murroe
  5. Balleydesmond

Horse Power by Sláinte

  1. Paddy’s
  2. John Kelly’s
  3. Jessica’s
  4. Finnish

The Sunday Night Sessions by Sandy Brechin

  1. Jessica’s
  2. The Finnish
  3. Britches Full Of Stitches
  4. The Patisserie

Tunes For Practice by Seamus Creagh

  1. Didi Cronin’s
  2. A Finnish
  3. Jessica’s

Up Close by Kevin Burke

  1. Jessica’s
  2. A Finnish
  3. Charlie Harris’