Two recordings of
Ievan Polkka
The Ballydesmond

Ievan Polkka (polka) is also known as A Finnish, Eva’s, The Finnish, Ieva’s, Ieva’s Polkka, Ievan’s Polkka, Kuppari Eeva, Leekspin, Leva’s, Levan, Levan Polkka, The Levan, Loituma’s, Savitaipaleen Polkka.

The Ballydesmond (polka) is also known as The Ballydesmond No. 2, The Ballydesmond Polka 2, The Ballydesmond Polka No. 2, The Ballydesmond Polkas No. 2, The Ballydesmond Polkas, Cock Your Pistol Charlie, Donal De Barra’s, The Jib, Manley’s, Maurice Manley’s, Polca De Ballydesmond.

Factor 3 by Friday Frolics

  1. Ballydesmond
  2. Polka D’ours
  3. Finnish
  4. Neili’s

Fire In The Air by Bobbi Nikles

  1. Riding On A Load Of Hay
  2. The Murroe
  3. Balleydesmond
  4. Finnish
  5. Jessica’s