An Gasur Mor hornpipe

Also known as Dwyer’s, Prime’s, The Waterford.

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One setting

X: 1
T: An Gasur Mor
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A3 G|:F2 D2 D>FE>D|C<E A,2 A,2 A>G|F>GE>F D3 e|f>de>c d>AB>G|
(3FGF D2 D>FE>D|C<E A,2 A,2 A>F|D>FA>d B>GE>C|1(3DED C>E D2 A>G:|2(3DED C>E D2 d>e||
|:f<Bf>g f>dB>d|c>Ae>c d>cB>A|^G>AB>c d>fe>d|(3cdc A2 A2 d>e|
f<Bf>g f>dB>d|c>Ae>c d>cB>A|(3Bcd c>e d>AB>G|1F2 D2 D2 d>e:|2F2 D2 D>EF>G||
|:AF~F2 DF~F2|AF~F2 D>FA>F|GE~E2 CE~E2|GE~E2 C>EA>G|
F>DA>F G>AB>d|(3cBA e>c d>cd>e|f>de>c d>AB>G|1F2 D2 D>EF>G:|2F2 D2 D2||
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An Gasur Mor

It seems I can’t get enough of Altan these days… a fantastic hornpipe from their ‘Blackwater’ album. What does the title translate to?

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Title translation

`The well hung boy`..
-without doubt a cousin of `badly drawn boy!`
aka the BIG boy.

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Seamus Ennis had a 4-part version. I can’t remember what name he had for it (‘The 67% Bigger Boy’?).

An Gasur Mor

Brilliant tune. I requested this a long time ago, but luckily found the MD from the workshop where I learned it the first time. This version is quite consistent with the one I learned. Anyway, thanx for posting. Now all my friends can learn it as well!


Francis O’Neill recalled this tune from his youth in Cork. He added a fourth part and printed it (in G) as "Dwyer’s" after the fiddler who was his source.

The tune is in the Joyce collection as "Prime’s."

The setting given here is as it was played by the Donegal fiddler Johnny Doherty.

Waterford Hornpipe

The tune is also in one of the early 19th-century O’Farrell tunebooks as "The Waterford Hornpipe" in the same basic three-part setting as Joyce’s "Prime’s Hornpipe."

Recently recorded

By Sean Tyrell, Kevin Glackin and Ronan Browne. A real kicker!

Name translation

I would have said that "an gasur mór" meant "the big boy" …