Ladies’ 2nd Choice barndance

By Charlie Lennon

Also known as Ladies Choice, Ladies’ Choice, Ladies’ Choice #2, Ladies’ Second Choice, Lady’s Second Choice.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ladies' 2nd Choice
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
C2B,C A,B,CD|EFAB cAEA|defd caec|1 B2AB cBAF:|2 B2AB cAA2||
f2fe dfa2|dcdf bagf|e2^de cea2|EAAB cde^e|
~f3e dfa2|dcdf aga^a|bge2 ^deBA|1 GBeB cBA2:|2 GBeB cBAF||

Four comments

Another Charlie Lennon Tune

Also found on Frankie Gavin’s “Frankie Goes to Town”. Listen there for the composer’s take on accompaniment. This tune sounds like it could be 100 years old.

“Ladies’ Choice” #2 ~ not a reel, composed as a barndance

CD: “Charlie Lennon: Musical Memories”
Submitted on November 6th 2005 by Ptarmigan.

Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano, organ
Brian Lennon: flute
Mick O’Brien: uilleann pipes, flute

track 7 ~ Barndances: “Ladies Choice” ( 1 & 2 )

“Musical Memories: The Music of Charlie Lennon” Book & CD, 1994

Printed collection ~
Walton’s Music SKU: WM1308, A4, 88 pages ~

A collection of Charlie Lennon’s compositions, with piano accompaniment and guitar chords, the stories behind the tunes, some of his musical history and on fiddle technique. The CD includes the tunes from the book, musicians include Charlie Lennon on fiddle, keyboards and piano; Mick O’Brian on Uilleann pipes and flute; and Brian Lennon on flute.

page 54 ~ Ladies Choice (#1) ~ Barn Dance

Page 55 ~ Ladies 2nd Choice ~ Barn Dance