Two recordings of
Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band

Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band (reel) is also known as Grampa’s Ceili Band, Granpa’s Ceili Band, Mulhaire’s #4, Mulhaire’s No. 4.

Mulhare’s (reel) is also known as Ciaran O’Reilly, Ciaran O’Reilly’s, Lavery’s No. 2, Martin Mulhaire’s, Martin Mulhaire’s #9, Mulhaire’s, Mulhaire’s #1, Mulhaire’s #9, Mulhaire’s No. 1, Mulhaire’s No. 9, Mulhaire’s No.9, Mulhaire’s Petticoat, Mulhare’s #9, Noreen’s, The Old Thatched House, The Rising Sun.

Pride Of New York by Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan

  1. Mulhaire’s #9
  2. Grandpa Tommy’s Céilí Band

Warming Up by Martin Mulhaire, Séamus Connolly And Jack Coen

  1. Martin Mulhaire’s #9
  2. Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band