Three recordings of
President Garfield’s
The Saratoga

President Garfield’s (hornpipe) is also known as Blue Water, The Blue Water, Garfield’s, Lament For President Garfield, President Garfield, President Garfield’s.

The Saratoga (hornpipe) is also known as The Saratoga Hornpipe.

Hard Times Come and Go by Sandy Brechin & Ewan Wilkinson

  1. The High Level
  2. The Saratoga
  3. President Garfield’s

Just Harp by Laoise Kelly

  1. Compliments To Sean Maguire
  2. The Saratoga
  3. President Garfield’s

The Blue Lamp by Jonny Hardie And Gavin Marwick

  1. Princess Beatrice
  2. President Garfield
  3. The Saratoga
  4. The High Level