One recording of
The Humours Of Ballingarry
The Rambling Pitchfork

The Humours Of Ballingarry (jig) is also known as The Humors Of Ballingarry.

The Rambling Pitchfork (jig) is also known as An Píce Ar Fán, Baxter’s, Clar-claigean An Moncaí, Clár-Cloigeann An Moncaí, The Farmer’s Frolic, The Fisherman’s Widow, Ramblin’ Pitchfork, Roland’s Return, The Rollicking Dandy.

Traditional Irish Music by James Kelly

  1. The Humors Of Ballingarry
  2. The Rambling Pitchfork
  3. The Black Rogue