The Early Morning reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Early Morning
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G2|:C2 CD ECEG|cdec dcAB|cdcA GAcA|GECE DFED|
C2 CD ECEG|cdec dcAB|cdcA GAcA|GEDE C4:|
c2 cd ecfe|dcBc dBGB|cBAG AGFE|FEDC DGAB|
c2 cd ecfe|dcBc dBGB|cBAG FAFE|ECDB, CGAB|
c2 cd ecfe|dcBc dBGB|cBAG AGFE|FEDC DFED|
C2 CD ECEG|cdec dcAB|cdcA GAcA|GEDE C2||

Five comments

Posted this one for you Dow, (only just found the book!) Will’s comment (as quoted from the book) “I remember just how this tune came about, but not the actual year, but it was sometime in the early 1970’s. Again at Broome Hill Farm, I woke up early one Sunday morning, as usual, with this tune in my head. I knew immediatley that it was another “gud’n’” and the tune, as written, did not vary a single note from my original thoughts and it seemed to me to come so naturally on the mouth organ.”

This is possibly my favourite of all Will’s tunes because it goes really well on the fiddle (I think!)

Um… Will who?

Will Atkinson yeah? His tunes are really really good. I’m a bit drunk at the moment post-session, but off the top of my head, Glen Aln Hornpipe, Billy’s Jig, these are some of my favourite tunes. This reel is a nice one and I’ve never heard it before. Thanks Eleanor! Great transcription btw - keep up the good work!

Darn, here I thought maybe I’d forgotten a good tune I’d once written….

Actually I figured out it would be Atkinson. Location, location, location….

Posted .

I admit, I read the title before the tune, which might have influenced my expectations, but doesn’t it sound like a morning tune? That reminds me, I should go to bed.