Three recordings of a tune named
The Gravel Walks
With a tune named
The Boys Of Malin

The Gravel Walks (reel) is also known as Asphalt Walk, Barty’s Choice, Grannie’s Gravel Walks, Gravel Path To Granny, The Gravel Path To Granny’s, Gravel Walk, The Gravel Walk To Grania’s, The Gravel Walk To Granny’s, The Gravel Walk, The Gravel Walks To Granie, Gravel Walks To Grannie, The Gravel Walks To Grannie, Gravelwalk, The Gravelwalks, Na Cosáin Ghriothail, Walk To Grania’s.

The Boys Of Malin (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Mallin, The Boys Of Mallow, Karen Logan’s.

Bits and Pieces by Bubble & Squeak

  1. Boys Of Malin
  2. Gravel Walk

Foinn Seisiun 3 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne

  1. George White’s Favourite
  2. The Boys Of Malin
  3. The Gravel Walk

Irish Fiddle Solos by Pete Cooper

  1. The Boys Of Malin
  2. The Gravel Walks
  3. Dinkey’s