The Broken Pledge jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Broken Pledge
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:d3 ADD|cAG ~E3|DEF AdB|cAG Afe|
dcA E/F/GA|cAG ~E3|DEF AdB|cAG EG/E/D:|
~d3 Ade|~f3 ecA|cAG ~E3|ceg gec|
Ad^c deg|g/g/af ecA|~F3 FGA|cAG EG/E/D|
[d3D3] Ade|f/g/af ecA|cAG ~E3|ceg gec|
Ad^c deg|g/g/af ecA|~F3 FGA|cAG EG/E/D|
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X: 2
T: The Broken Pledge
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:dcA D3|cAG EDD|DEG AGd|cAG Adc|
|:dcA Ade|f3 ecA|cAG Ade|edg ecA|
dcA Ade|f3 ecA|F2G Add|cAG EDD|
dcA Ade|f2g ecA|cAG E3|edd eag|
ecA deg|faa ecA|D3 FGA|cAG EDD|
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The Broken Pledge

This is a jig setting of the tune, transcribed from the first go round on the Kane Sister’s “Well Tempered Bow” cd.

I’ve always like the reel, and this jig version does it justice, and a good tune in its own right. But I’m a sucker for D dorian tunes….

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A strange medley

Any thoughts about this medley I’d like to put together of two tunes posted today? The first is a D Dorian jig version of The Broken Pledge, that Will transcribed from The Kane Sisters. Then it goes into a 4/4 march in G Major, The North Wind, that Kenny got from a Teada album. (Maybe I should run this by John Blake!) I’d call the set The Broken Wind. I had fun coming up with that and just thought I’d give you all a whiff of the craic.

Re: A strange medley

Lol Gary, you could also include The Blast of Wind (a slip jig), and The Day the Ass Ran Away (a slide).

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Re: A strange medley

You could slip in The Smell of the Bog, The Convenience…. King of the Parpers. Sorry…. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

I think I’ll wind up now.

Re: A strange medley

Well, yes, Touching Cloth and Sitting on the Throne….

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I learnt this tune as a reel 20 years ago, and this jig version is boring to me.

The Kane Sisters should not have changed the nature of the tunes like that. Better to write a new tune than to jigify some reel.

Sounds poor inspiration, doesn’t it ?

Ehm… The Musical Priest Jig

T:The Musical Priest Jig
C:Gian Marco
N:Dedicated to Emmanuel Delahaye
A|FBB Bcd|cBA ecA|FBB Bcd|cAc B2:|
|:c|dcd fed|cAe AfA|dcB fga|edc B2:|
||:c|dBb afb|aec Ace|dBb afb|aec B2:|

To each his own. I’ve know the reel for years as well, but happen to like the jig just fine. And I doubt that Liz and Yvonne should get credit for the jig version–“changing the nature of the tune” by reframing reels as jigs and vice versa is a long-standing and well-supported custom in this tradition and it’s likely they learned it from someone else (I don’t have the liner notes so can’t say for sure).

There are damn few “should not’s” in this music, thank goodness.

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Broken pledge

“we got this jig version of the ’broken pledge from Cork fiddle player Deirdre Moynihan”

thats what it says on the cover of their album.

There you have it. Thanks g-f!

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Kevin Rowsome Version

My attempt at transcribing Kevin Rowsome’s playing:

||:ed BA Be eB| dG AG FA DA|EF GA Be ec| (3.B.cB Ad Bf gf
| ed BA ~B3 c|dG AG FA DA|EF GA Be ec|~B2 Af Be eB:||
||:ed BA (3B.c.d ef|g2 ef fd Bc|dA FA dc de|fd (3B.c.d fb af
|ed BA (3B.c.d ef|g2 ef fd BA|~G3 F GA Be|dB AF Be eB:||

Rowsome Verstion Correction

My apologies, these ABCs were to have been for the reel version.

I also found this tune a bit boring and hard to follow the melody, although I have no problem with people turning reels to jigs and jigs to reels.