Wideopen Lasses three-two

By Chris Ormston

Also known as Wide Open Lasses.

Wideopen Lasses has been added to 23 tunebooks.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Wideopen Lasses
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2 d>c BG|EA2GFD|g2 d>c BG|EG F/G/A/F/ G2:|
Bd c/d/e/c/ BG|EA2GFD|B>d c/d/e/c/ BG|EG F/G/A/F/ G2|
Bd c/d/e/c/ BG|EA2GFD|G/A/B/G/ A/B/c/A/ B/c/d|eg f/g/a/f/ g2|
X: 2
T: Wideopen Lasses
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:g4 d3c B2G2|E2A2- A2G2 F2D2|g4 d3c B2G2|E2G2 FGAF G4:|
|:G2D2 A2D2 B2D2|E2A2- A2G2 F2D2|G2D2 A2D2 B2D2|E2G2 FGAF G4:|
B2d2 cdec B2G2|E2A2- A2G2 F2D2|B3d cdec B2G2|E2G2 FGAF G4|
B2d2 cdec B2G2|E2A2- A2G2 F2D2|GABG ABcA Bcd2|e2g2 fgaf g4||

Twenty-two comments

This is another tune by the fantastic Northumbrian smallpiper, Chris Ormston.
Many old hornpipes are in 3/2 time.


There’s a section for 3/2 hornpipes. This ain’t no waltz.

Whatever it is, that sure is an…hmm.. interesting tune title.

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If it’s a waltz, I’m Jake the Peg!

It may not be a waltz, but it has been notated in 3/4 time. If it’s supposed to be a three-two, then it needs to be written in 3/2 time (obviously).

But I wrote it!!!!!!!

Please remove this version so I can submit it as I intended it - in 3/2 time. Please don’t tell me what to do with my compositions - or has it already passed into the ‘folk tradition’ LOL


Wideopen lasses

In case non-locals get the wrong idea, Wide Open is a place near Gosforth racecourse, Newcastle-On-Tyne. It isn’t a comment on their eyes, mouths or any part of their anatomy.


Let’s give the composer a chance to tell us what the name means - if he wants to. Also, why should it only have one meaning?

F’god’s sake. Are we going to have bloodshed here? ;)

Of course not Zina. The comoposer is a friend of mine, and I strongly suspect that the double meaning is intentional, as well as being a subtle in-joke which plays upon the home of Jack Armstrong, a famous but ‘not universally appreciated’ piper of the mid 20th century, who didn’t like this kind of tune.

It’s a strange sort of compliment when someone else posts one of your own tunes; Chris has obviously taken it in good humour but it should still be reclassified - presumably we wait for the original poster to do this?

Apologies all around for posting this tune, for accidentally hitting the button below “3/2 time” (which is “waltz”). If anyone put one of my tunes up here I’d be proud as punch. I wouldn’t want Matt Seattle setting the hounds loose either.
Chris, if you want this tune taken down, I’ll communicate directly with the web master.
And, for gawd sake, I’m sorry.

I should also add that the ABC notation I posted is a direct copy of the same tune posted on another public email list by the composer. I really thought I was doing him a favor. If you look at the ABC file you will see a time signature of 3/2.

Hey John, Chris can’t be too upset…you did call him a “fantastic” piper. 🙂

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No good deed goes unpunished, Will.

What a nice tune! I’m going to try this out on the pipes for sure.

One thing I noticed, however is that the ABC L: field should be L:1/4 instead of L:1/8. I got a slew of errors from my abc player until the default note value was changed.

I just tried to change the “L” field, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do that. I can edit the ABC file, but not the other fields. Perhaps, someone knows how to do this?

The ABC file is exactly the same as the one Chris posted to the Northumbrian smallpipers newsgroup, including the fields. I wouldn’t dare mess with his tune. The other errors, as Matt pointed out, are mine alone.

It reminds me of Polly Put the Kettle On crossed with Dance To Your Daddy - a formidable combination. It’s in my tunebook.


No bloodshed intended! Haven’t been on here for a while, but John & I sorted this one out the day after it was first posted - we’re both alive and well (I think!!!!!!!)

As others have noted, Wideopen is a place, but please note the date the tune was posted - “Open wide, Pet” is a traditional, and very romantic Geordie request for St Valentine’s day, lol!

Bigg Market Lasses

This tune sounds very familiar but there was a tune “Bigg Market Lasses” played a lot at Newcastleton at the weekend. I’m told it was yours too, Chris.
Anyway, please post this for me because I bought you a pint at Teviot(Edinburgh Folk festival) during the eighties. 😉

Bigg Market

Will do, John, when I get a chance. You must have bought me more than one pint, though, as I have no recollection of ever attending Edinburgh Folk Festival 🙁)

Bigg Market

I’ve submitted it. Should appear on the site shortly. JohnJ, did you mean the edinburgh Fringe 1985?

Hi Chris, I could have sworn I met you at the earlier Edinburgh Folk festivals. Perhaps, it was another chap called Chris who used to play Northumbrian pipes.
I’ve just dug out an old album “By the Hush” with your picture thereon. I *do* remember you from other sessions and festivals but it was maybe another piper I was thinking about who came to Edinburgh. Sorry.

Many of the people on that album used to come up though, e.g Chrissie Gladwin was a regular, as I recall.

Anyway, thanks for the tune. I’ll enjoy playing it where I can. 😉