Anna’s waltz

Also known as Boda, Solingsvalsen, Vals Från Boda.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Anna's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B3 c BA|B3 c BA|B4 e2|B3 def|
g4 g2|f4 e2|f3 gf2|B6|
e4 e2|d3 c Bc|B4 A2|G3 FEF|
G3 AG2|F3 GF2|E6|E6:|
e4 e2|g3 f e2|d6|B6|
A3 B c2|c3 B A2|B4 c2|d6|
e4 e2|g3 f e2|d6|B6|
A3 B c2|D2 E2 F2|G3 A GF|G6:|
X: 2
T: Anna's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B3 c BA|B3 c BA|B4 e2|B3 B ef|
g4 g2|f4 e2|f3 g f^d|B6|
e4 (3efe|d4 c2|B3 c BA|G3 F GA|
B3 c B2|A2 G2 F2|E6|E6:|
|:e2 ef g2|g2 (3fgf e2|d6|B6|
A3 B c2|(3cdc (3BcB (3ABA|B3 ^A Bc|d3 G Bd|
e2 ef g2|g3 f e2|d3 e dc|B6|
1 A2 AB c2|c3 D EF|G2 GA GF|G3 G Bd:|
2 A3 B c2|c2 D2 EF|G2 (3ABA F2|G6:|

Six comments

Anna’s Waltz

I learned this Swedish tune around three years ago when I was in the absolute beginners whistle class of ALP Scots Music Group based in Edinburgh. It was the piece for the workshop concert toward the end of the term. We played with the people from the intermediate fiddle class. I remember it comes from the repertoire of Derek Hoy, who was teaching the fiddle class.

This kind of Scandinavian tune is fit into the context of ITM, I think, though waltzes aren’t common in the session context. I especially love the somewhat unusual ending.

I’m afraid to say that they’re still teaching them yet. 🙁

It’s a nice tune, just the same.

Aye, I forgot to mention they are still teaching.

I know this tune as Boda waltz. It’s in one of the Waltz Books. Although it’s the same key signature, I’ve always heard this played in Em, at least for the first part.

Em - Solingsvalsen, Vals fra Boda - another take on it…

I haven’t been able to find my notes on this one but here goes. This rendition comes out of the haze, in part tear generated. This has been singing itself to me for awhile as I dance around with a friend who is very ill, terminal cancer. There aren’t any doubts to its cause, multiple tumours ~ smoking. I’m dealing with three such cases at the moment, six dear friends affected, musicians and dancers, three couples, one each dieing, all terminal cancers caused by smoking. There’s no cures now but music helps…

This is minus the chord possibilities and various takes on first and second endings ~

K: Em
|: B3 c BA | B3 c BA | B4 e2 | B3 B ef |
g4 g2 | f4 e2 | f3 g f^d | B6 |
e4 (3efe | d4 c2 | B3 c BA | G3 F GA|
B3 c B2 | A2 G2 F2 | E6 | E6 :|
|: e2 ef g2 | g2 (3fgf e2 | d6 | B6 |
A3 B c2 | (3cdc (3BcB (3ABA | B3 ^A Bc | d3 G Bd |
e2 ef g2 | g3 f e2 | d3 e dc | B6 |
1 A2 AB c2 | c3 D EF | G2 GA GF | G3 G Bd :|
2 A3 B c2 | c2 D2 EF | G2 (3ABA F2 | G6 :|

~ a tale of two halves: Em / G