Pernod waltz

Also known as The Pernod.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pernod
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|: f2 Bc de | f4 ff | fe ^de fg | f2 e2 fg |!
aA gA fe | e2 c4 | cd ef ec |1 d2 B4 :|2 d2 B3 A :|!
|: Be eg fe | Be eg fe | a2 ef ge | fd B4 |!
GB Bd cB | FB Bd cB | cd ef ec |1 d2 B3 A :|2 de fg fe :|!

Eight comments

I think this was paired with "Leaving Brittany" on the first Celtic Fiddle Festival" album. Didn’t either Johnny or Phil Cunningham compose it?

Anyway, it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for posting it!

You are right Christine, this tune follows "Leaving Brittany", but it’s on the Relativity CD titled "Relativity". Its composition is credited to Johnny Cunningham and Micheal O Domhnaill.

Re: Pernod

What does the title mean, and any history associated with it? It’s beautiful.

Re: Pernod

I heard that a couple of blokes (Cunningham and O’Domhnail?) were in in a French cafe watching a local chap sitting at the bar working his way through rather more aperitifs than was prudent. After a while, he managed to get off his seat and stagger very unsteadily across the room towards the gents’. One of those observing this attempt at perambulation was heard to point out that this manoeuvre was known as the Pernod Waltz.

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Re: Pernod

I love this tune, but I’m having real difficulty getting the chords right to go with it…. B minor and related keys for some of it. Bar 3 is one problem, but there are other bits I just don’t know how to handle.
Anyone help?

Re: Pernod

There’s a setting in The Rude Mechanicals tune library at:

The chords given there are the ones that seemed to me to fit nicely, but other players might use different ones in places. Writing chord sequences can be a bit arbitrary sometimes: a lot depends on what you happen to like.

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