One recording of
Kit O’Mahony
Dusty Windowsills

Kit O’Mahony (jig) is also known as Kit O’Mahoney, Kit O’Mahoney’s, Kit O’Mahony’s.

Dusty Windowsills (jig) is also known as Austin Barratts, Austin Barrett’s, The Blasket Sound, The Chicago, Dust On The Windowsills, The Dusty Windmill, The Dusty Windowsill, The Dusty Windowsills, The Grandfather, Harding’s, Harling’s, The Hiccup, John Harling’s, Johnny Harling’s, Nancy Harling, Tim Harding’s, The Trip To The Highlands, Whiskey For Breakfast.

Cliabhán An Dúchais by Brid O'Donohue

  1. Kit O’Mahony’s
  2. The Dusty Windowsills