Five recordings of
The Fairy Dance
Miss McLeod’s

The Fairy Dance (reel) is also known as Arrane Queeyl-Nieuee, Car Ny Ferrishyn, Daunse Ny Ferrishyn, Dawns Y Tylwyth Teg, Faeries’, The Faire’s, The Fairies’ Dance, Fairy, The Fairy, The Fairy, Gows, Largo’s Fairy Dance, Old Molly Hare, Quick Scotch, Snieu Queeyl Snieu, Snieu, Wheeyl, Snieu, Snieue-Queeyl-Snieue.

Miss McLeod’s (reel) is also known as Did You Ever Meet The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Have You Ever Seen The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Hop High Ladies, Iníon Mhic Leóid, McCleod’s, McCloud’s, McLeod’s, Miss MacLeod, Miss McCleod, Miss McCleod’s, Miss McCloud, Miss McCloud’s, Miss McLeod, Miss McLeod’s, Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, Mrs Mc Leod’s, Mrs Mcleod Of Raasay, Mrs McLeod’s, Mrs McLeods, Mrs. MacLeod’s, Mrs. Mc Cloud, Mrs. McCloud, Mrs. McCloud’s, Mrs. McClouds, Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. McLeod Of Rasay, Mrs. McLeod’s, Mrs. McLeods, Ms McCloud’s, Ms. McLeod’s, Uncle Joe’s.

Celtic Fiddle - 60 Traditional Favourites by Levine Andrade, Kieran Barry & Mike Stanley

  1. Fairy Dance
  2. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  3. Mrs. McLeod

Fiddle by Cape Breton Symphony

  1. Fairy Dance
  2. The Mason’s Apron
  3. Mrs. MacLeod’s
  4. The Flowers Of Edinburgh

Over the Hills and Far Away by Jimmy Shand

  1. Mrs. McLeod
  2. Fairy Dance
  3. De’il Amang The Tailors
  4. Soldier’s Joy
  5. Speed The Plough
  6. The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Swarbrick 2 by Dave Swarbrick

  1. Shannon Bells
  2. Miss McLeod’s
  3. Fairy Dance

The Bluebell Polka by Jimmy Shand

  1. Speed The Plough
  2. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  3. Soldier’s Joy
  4. De’il Amang The Tailors
  5. The Fairy Dance
  6. Mrs. McLeod