Fourteen recordings of Wink And She’ll Follow You

Also known as Cé Bheadh Sa Tine Nach N-éireodh?, Danny O’Donnell’s, Dirty Linen, Glead Na HOíche Aréir, Huish The Cat From Under The Table, Hush The Cat From Under The Table, Last Night’s Fun, Paddy Be Aisy, Paddy Be Aisy, Paddy Be Easy, Súgradh Na HOíche Aréir, Sugrady Na HOiche Areir, The Tunes Of The Munster Pipers #160, Wallop The Cat From Under The Table, Whish Cat From Under The Table, Whish, Cat From Under The Table, Widow’s Maggot, The Widow’s Maggot, Wink And She’ll Follow, Wink And She’ll Follow You.

This tune has been recorded together with The New Widow Well Married (a few times), The Ale Is Dear, The Atholl Highlanders, Barney Brannigan, Doctor MacInnes’ Fancy, The Drops Of Brandy, Gie Us A Drink Of Water, The Hag’s Purse, The Humours Of Derrycrossane, The Legacy, Leire’s Welcome To Cozac, Mary Young And Fair, Moll Roe, Mrs Martha Knowles, Pasucais Of Coana, The Pride Of Erin, Rocking The Cradle, Ruidhle Mo Nighean Donn, Sean Bui, The Squirrel’s Nest, The Topiarist, The Weaver.

  1. A Decade Of World Pipe Band Championships 1990-1999 by Various Artists
  2. A Quare Yield by Alan Reid & Rachel Conlan
  3. An Ceoltoir Fanach by Cathy Custy
  4. Bagpipe Revolution by Jori Chisholm
  5. Cascade by Capercaillie
  6. Forgotten Gems by Peter Carberry, Padraig McGovern
  7. Motion Potion by Danette Eddy
  8. Rags, Reels And Airs by Dave Swarbrick
  9. Spin by Whirligig
  10. Swimming Against the Falls / Snámh in Aghaidh Easa by Joey Abarta
  11. The Lonesome Forest by Theresa Kavanagh
  12. The Loot by Stolen Notes
  13. The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Volume 1 by Jack Lee & Alasdair Gillies
  14. Traditional Irish Music by Setanta