One recording of
Henchey’s Delight
Coppers And Brass

Henchey’s Delight (jig) is also known as Henchy’s Delight, Hinche’s Delight, Hinchey’s Delight, Hinchie’s Delight, Hinchy’s Delight, Hincy’s Delight, The Lark In The Corn.

Coppers And Brass (jig) is also known as Copper And Brass, Coppers & Brass, Hardigan’s Fancy, Hartigan’s Fancy, Hartigan’s Fancy, Hartigans Fancy, The Humors Of Inish Dioman, The Humours Of Ennistymon.

Irish Dancer by Larry McKee And The Shandonairs

  1. Hinchey’s Delight
  2. Kinnegad Slashers
  3. Hartigan’s Fancy