Two recordings of a tune named
Henchey’s Delight
With a tune named
The Scotsman Over The Border

Henchey’s Delight (jig) is also known as Henchy’s Delight, Hinche’s Delight, Hinchey’s Delight, Hinchie’s Delight, Hinchy’s Delight, Hincy’s Delight, The Lark In The Corn.

The Scotsman Over The Border (jig) is also known as Mist In The Glen, The Mist In The Glen, Paddy Cannys, The Scotchman Over The Border.

A Tribute To John McKenna by Mick Woods

  1. Salty Bacon
  2. Henchy’s Delight

Music Of Ireland by Sean McGuire And The Four Star Quartet

  1. The Mist In The Glen
  2. Hinchey’s Delight