Three recordings of a tune named
Henchey’s Delight
With a tune named
The Monaghan

Henchey’s Delight (jig) is also known as Henchy’s Delight, Hinche’s Delight, Hinchey’s Delight, Hinchie’s Delight, Hinchy’s Delight, Hincy’s Delight, The Lark In The Corn.

The Monaghan (jig) is also known as Clay Pipe, The Clay Pipe, Cock Up Your Chin Billy, Coleman’s, Monaghan’s, Monahan, Monahan’s, Port Mhuineacháin.

Jigs And Reels by The Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band

  1. The Monaghan
  2. Henchy’s Delight

Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music by Various Artists

  1. The Monaghan
  2. Henchy’s Delight

The Mouse Behind The Dresser by Shaskeen

  1. Harry’s Loch
  2. The Monaghan
  3. Henchey’s Delight