One recording of
Henchey’s Delight
Buttermilk Mary

Henchey’s Delight (jig) is also known as Henchy’s Delight, Hinche’s Delight, Hinchey’s Delight, Hinchie’s Delight, Hinchy’s Delight, Hincy’s Delight, The Lark In The Corn.

Buttermilk Mary (jig) is also known as Butter-milk Mary, Butter-milk Mary’s, Buttermilk Mary’s, Coleman’s, Hughie’s Buttermilk Mary, Hughie´s Buttermilk Mary, Maire Na Blaitce, Port Coleman.

Up and About in the Morning by Noel Battle and Roisin Broderick

  1. Up And About In The Morning
  2. Henchy’s Delight
  3. Buttermilk Mary