One recording of
Captain Horne
Jenny Dang The Weaver

Captain Horne (strathspey) is also known as Captain Horn.

Jenny Dang The Weaver (reel) is also known as Gobha Bh’ann A Hogha Gearraidh, Horo Ghoid Thu Nighean, Jennie Dang The Weaver, Jenny And The Weaver, Jenny Dang Da Weaver, Patsy Touhey’s Rip The Calico.

The Piping Centre 1998 Recital Series - Volume 2 by Allan MacDonald & Gordon Walker

  1. Tom Keldies Birthday
  2. The Maclennans Of Croy
  3. Captain Horne
  4. SF MacKenzie Esq Of Garrynahine, Stornoway
  5. Cheerful Tam
  6. Spitfire
  7. Kenneth Mhor
  8. Marion & Donald
  9. Sleepy Maggie
  10. Macfarlanes
  11. The Maid Behind The Bar
  12. Jenny Dang The Weaver