Gan Ainm reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gan Ainm
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
BEED EFGE|DGBG A3d|BEED (3EEE EA|(3Bcd ef g2ed||
B2gB fBed|BcdB ADFA|B2gB fBed|faaf gfed|
B2gB fBed|BcdB ADFA|(3Bcd ef g2fg|afgf edBA||

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Ghan ainm

This is a tune I got off a tape of Mick O’Connor playing at Augusta a few years ago. Can anyone put a name to it … or is it one of his compositions?


Gan Ainm

This sounds like a variant of "Eanach Mhic Coilin":; and "The Morning Dew": But this is a really nice and interesting setting and worth a separate entry in my opinion. As I pointed out, "Eanach Mhic Coilin" and other similar tunes actually derive from Scottish reel "Sleepy Maggie": There’s in fact a striking similarity between this setting of the tune and the well-known Scots tune.

Well, I find this is more closely related to "Jenny’s Chicken," another variant of "Sleepy Maggie": But, this is much more flute-friendly, anyway.

Sorry for some grammatical mistakes in the previous post.

Strikes my ear as the 2nd and 3rd parts to The Morning Dew.

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And of course, the Ashplant.

Gan Ainm

Regarding the Gan Ainm tune that’s posted here :
I was at asisting in Augusta the year Mick taught that tune and I talked with James Kelly and Billy McComiskey about this tune. Both of them agreed that this is said to be the first tune that Paddy Fahy wrote, but Billy also said that Paddy’s sister finished it for him.
I can’t remember who Mick said he got the tune from, but whoever it was they had got it directly from Paddy 20 years before that. Mick also said that when the person who gave it to Mick, went back and played it with Paddy, years later, expecting Paddy to join in, he never did and when the tune was finished, he said that’s a lovely tune, where did you get it ? I got it from you was the reply and Paddy said Well you better give it back to me then.

This tune may not be Fahy’s original composition. He often reworked many traditional tunes and someone elses’ compositions, and this is probably the case. Whatever the case may be, this is a nice tune, and thanks for an interesting story.