A Reel In The Style Of Redican reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Reel In The Style Of Redican
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
B |: AFcA BGE2 | FEFC DB,G,B, | (3A,B,C FA c=Bdc | BGEG (3cdc =Bc |
A~c3 BGEG | FEFC DB,G,B, | (3A,B,C FA c=Bdc |1 BGEG ~F3 B :|2 BGEG F3 G, ||
(3A,B,C FA cfaf | gbeg fcAc | dFBd cFAc | (3BcB GF ECB,G, |
(3A,B,C FA cfaf | gbeg fcAc | (3Bcd ga bgeg |1 fcAG F3 G, :|2 fcAG [F3A,3] B ||
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A Reel in the Style of Redican

I transcribed this from Liz and Yvonne Kane’s cd, The Well Tempered Bow. Don’t have the liner notes in front of me, so I can’t say who composed this or what their source was—maybe someone can fill in those blanks.

I just really like the melody line, particularly the way it moves between Bb and B nat, and the fact that the second half is as strong (or stronger) than the first half. It’s a complete tune, instead of a flash of inspiration in one half, and cliche in the other.

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Might make a better hornpipe

Nice tune but surely composed as a hornpipe? A lot of similarities with the Fahey/Reavy/Keegan era of newly composed tunes in flat keys for listening to rather than dancing to.i.m.h.o.

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Hi ,cos. You could be right. The Kanes do play it along with the hornpipe "Galway Bay". Sleeve notes say it was composed by Brendan Mulvihill. I’m sure Seamus Connolly recorded this on a record. I’ll have a listen and look at his sleeve notes in the next couple of days.

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Agreed that it runs well as a hornpipe. So does someone have a name for it other than the Kane’s odd title?

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Larry Redican

The late Larry Redican, originally from Dublin, was a great fiddler and banjo player in New York. He composed a number of wonderful tunes, often setting them in the key of F. This is a great tribute to him by Bredan Mulvihill.