Cicerenella For Bagpipe jig

Also known as Cicerenella, Neapolitan Tarantella, Tarantella, Tarantella Neapolitan.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Cicerenella For Bagpipe
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B2c|"G,"d2d e2d|"D7"c2B A2B|c2c d2c|"G,"B2A G2B|
"E7"d2d e2d|"A,m"c2B A2B|"D7"cdc B2A|"G,"G2z:|
|:GBd|g2g d2d|g2g d2d|e2e efe|d3 ded|
c2c cdc|B2B BcB|A2A ABA|1 G3:|2 G3||
K: Am
|:A2B|"Am"cBc "Dm"dcB|"Am"cBc "Dm"dcB|"Am"cBA "E7"^GAB|"Am"A2z A2B|
"Am"cBc "Dm"dcd|"Am"ede "Dm"fed|"Am"cBA "E7"^GAB|"Am"A2z:|
|:"G7"GAB|"C"cBc ece|g2g gag|"G7"g2f fgf|"C"f2e "G7"GAB|
"C"cBc ece|g2g g^fg|"G7"bag fed|"C"c2z:|
X: 2
T: Cicerenella For Bagpipe
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|"Am"e2e a2a|e2e e2e|"Dm"f2f fgf|"Am"f2e efe|"E7"e2d ded|"Am"d2c cdc|"E7"c2B c2B|"Am"A2z:|
"Am"cBc "Dm"dcB|"Am"cBc "Dm"dcB|"Am"cBA "E7"^GAB|"Am"A2z A2B|"Am"cBc "Dm"dcd|"Am"ede "Dm"fed|"Am"cBA "E7"^GAB|"Am"A2z:|
"C"cBc ece|g2g gag|"G7"g2f fgf|"C"f2e "G7"GAB|"C"cBc ece|g2g g^fg|"G7"bag fed|"C"c2z:|
"C"g2g a2g|"G7"f2e d2e|f2f g2f|"C"e2d c2e|"A7"g2g a2g|"Dm"f2e d2e|"G7"fgf e2d|"C"c2z:|

Ten comments

Nice italian Piece of Music

The original music was slightly altered to fit the limited range of a G-Bagpipe. I do like the change of Keys that sounds very lively when played.

I lo0o0o00ove Italian folk!! I must listen to more of it -_-;

Cheers and retreat,

Also known as a Tarrantella but with the first phrase placed at the end and all in the same key. A dance tune as I understand.

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That tune sounds very common to me - isn’t it one of the Italian standards - maybe one of the Italians here can tell us more.
What was your source?


T:Neapolitan Tarantella
N:If the D part is used, the order is ADBC or ADABAC.
Z:John Chambers <>
P: A
|: a2a \
| "Am"e2e a2a | e2e e2e | "Dm"f2f fgf | "Am"f2e efe \
| "E7"e2d ded | "Am"d2c cdc | "E7"c2B c2B | "Am"A2z :|
P: B
|: A2B \
| "Am"cBc "Dm"dcB | "Am"cBc "Dm"dcB | "Am"cBA "E7"^GAB | "Am"A2z A2B \
| "Am"cBc "Dm"dcd | "Am"ede "Dm"fed | "Am"cBA "E7"^GAB | "Am"A2z :|
P: C
|: "G7"GAB \
| "C"cBc ece | g2g gag | "G7"g2f fgf | "C"f2e "G7"GAB \
| "C"cBc ece | g2g g^fg | "G7"bag fed | "C"c2z :|
P: D ( rare )
|: e2f \
| "C"g2g a2g | "G7"f2e d2e | f2f g2f | "C"e2d c2e \
| "A7"g2g a2g | "Dm"f2e d2e | "G7"fgf e2d | "C"c2z :|

Why is this tune called "for Bagpipe"

Due to the limited range on the bagpipe, some keys needed to be rearranged. While playing the tune, the order of the parts were changed in our group to make it sound better (very subjective….)

Good question triplewhiskey as the keys would not fit the GHBs but they might fit an Italian type of bagpipe and is written for that.

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Also it goes up to a high B which would not work on GHBs little know fact is that GHBs CAN cross finger notes but it is not done for whatever reason probably because it is against the tradtion and will get you thrown out of a competition if done.

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Tarantelli? ~

Key signature: Aminor
Submitted on August 29th 2003 by dafydd.

Key signature: Bminor
Submitted on October 10th 2004 by ceolachan.

Key signature: Aminor
Submitted on October 18th 2004 by gian marco.

Key signature: Gmajor
Submitted on March 19th 2005 by triplewhiskey.

Tarantella Di Masaniello
Key signature: Aminor
Submitted on November 30th 2005 by gian marco.

"The Tarantula" ~ Scot = Nathaniel Gow
Key signature: g minor
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