Pirate’s Dream hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pirate's Dream
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|"G" G2 FG "D"A2 c2 | "G"B2 d4 d2 |"C"edcB A2 G2 |"D"F6 d2 |
"C"e3 d e2 f2 |"G" g2 d2 B2 d2 |"C"c z cB A2 G2 |"D"d6 D2|
"G" G2 FG "D"A2 c2 | "G"B2 d4 d2 |"C"e3 fg2e2 |"G"d6 d2 |
"C"e2c2"G"d2B2|"D"c2A2"G"B2G2|"C"ABc2 "D"G2 F2|"G"G6 d2||
"G"B2d2g2f2|g2f2g2d2|"C"edcB cBAG|"D"FGAF D2 d2|
"G"B2d2g2f2|"F"f2e2e2d2|"G"d2c2 Bcd2|"D"A6 d2|
"G"B2d2g2f2|g2a2b2d2|"C"edcB cBAG|"D"F6 d2|
"G"B2d2g2f2|f2g2g2a2|b4"D"a4|"G"g6 ||

Two comments

Pirate’s yoho

A nice piece of music I remember from a computer game….

Changes in the ABC notation

I changed some of the Chords as well as the 2nd part. The abc is now different from the printed sheet.