Scotland-Ireland jig

Also known as Scottland-Ireland.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Scotland-Ireland
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
EBB BAA|1 cee cBA|cec B2B:|2 cee fef|cBA B3||
cAc =dcd|efe cAA|cAc =dcd|efe dBB|
cAc =d3|efe dff|eab afe|cBA B3:|

Six comments

Source: Cathal McConnell - Long Expectant Comes at Last
Transcription: gmp

a tune half-touched by a fairy, that is: totally Cathal!
I love the first part especially, it sounds good on his record with a f(l)air-y keyboard accompaniement.

Tonality = EMaj? Could as well be A or D for what I hear,..
Should this be registered as the first atonal traditional Irish tune?

Whatever the key of the tune, it makes good use of the Eb-key of the flute…

I don’t think I know any other tune that sounds like this one, though you never know with all the new fangled ones that keep popping up.
The cadenzas -or is it cadences?- the ends of each part of Liz Carroll’s Diplodocus have a similar feel.

There’s no end of weird, shifty, jezzy, odd and even outright bizarre tunes these days, alright; some of them clearly queerly beautiful sometimes.
Here’s an other oldie but sunset-goldenie one co-penned by Cathal McConnell:

Re: Scotland-Ireland

I came across this tune from my Wooden Flute Obsession recordings compilation (same track).
I would call this B Mixolodion. The melody in the A section clearly resolves on a ‘b’ and the accompaniment is something like |B |Bsus|B |A | The B section goes to an AM key center but returns to B by the last bar.
Interesting tune but I don’t like being so aware of harmonic changes. It feels a bit forced to me.