Kane’s reel

Also known as Johnny In The Queer Thing, The Old Wheels Of The World, Rolling Down The Hill.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kane's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|: eAAA eAAA | GEDE G3G | A2AB cBcd | efge dgfg |
eAAA eAAA | GEDE G3G | A2AB cBcd | efge dcBc ||
dggg dggg | eaaa eaaa | dggg gefg | afge dcBc |
dggg dggg | eaaa eaaa | dggg gefg | afge d3d :|

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I’m pretty sure that my great grandfather Kane wrote this one. From what I hear, he was a pretty good flute player. Well, granddad, this one’s for your memory!


Funny, the repeated notes are un-flutelike. Do you play the flute too? How do you do those, do you roll them?


Yes, I am a flute player too. But, do to several mishaps caused by my lack of ability to put rolls in this sheet music, I just left them as repeated notes. I do roll them. I do the G-A-G-F-G thing.

This appears on Planxty’s "After The Break", but is not listed in the liner notes.

I assume that Liam O’Flynn got it off Willie Clancy, who called it "The Old Wheels Of The World". In O’Neill’s it is entitled "Rolling Down The Hill" and contains some G#s.

You sure?

I think you’re wrong. Dow. I’m sure this appears on "Words & Music" by Planxty as "Old Wheels Of The World" but I’m 99% it’s not on my copy of "After The Break".

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Unless my copy was zapped by aliens and given an extra tune at the start of the Chattering Magpie/Lord MacDonald set that doesn’t appear on any other copy of the album, I don’t think I’m wrong - I’m listening to it now and this tune is being played as a solo pipe number as I write. I don’t have Words & Music.

LP or CD?

Lp or CD, Mark? I’m talking about the LP. There’s definitely no "Chattering Magpies/Lord McDonald" or "Bonny Light Horseman" on the LP record I have. If you have the CD, they may be "bonus" tracks. Would that explain it?

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It’s a traditional thing, Mark - :)

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The 78s are even more traditional. Sometimes, you can get a whole set of tunes on each side and, if they’re playing too slow, you can just "crank the handle" of the old gramophone to speed it up.

But doesn’t that make it skip the track? ;-)

After the Break - Lord McDonald/Chattering Magpie

The original release of Planxty`s After The Break did not include Lord McDonald/Chattering Magpie or The Bonny Light Horseman. These tracks were included as bonus tracks on the CD. They were originally released on High Kings Of Tara along with The First Slip/Hardiman the Fiddler (Ador & Bmin)/The Yellow Wattle (one of my all time favourite Planxty tracks, the way Liam O`Flynn plays The Yellow Wattle is sensational!).
Yes, Dow is right ,The Old Wheels of the World does precede Lord McDonald on the track in question.

I wish I could be wrong one day just to break the monotony of it all - I do try you know :-D