Thirty-four recordings of The Highlandman Who Kissed His Granny

Also known as The Fairy Hurlers, The Highland Man Kiss’d His Mother, The Highland Man Kissed His Grannie, The Highland Man Kissed His Granny, The Highland Man That Kissed His Grannie, The Highland Man Who Kissed His Granny, The Highlander Kissed His Granny, The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny, The Highlander Who Kissed His Mother, The Highlandman Kissed His Mother, The Highlandman That Kissed His Granny, The Jolly Seven, The Pensioner Who Kissed His Granny.

This tune has been recorded together with The Abbey (a few times), Bonnie Anne (a few times), The Chattering Magpie (a few times), The Chicago (a few times), Angus Chisholm’s Favourite, The Ballroom, Bonnie Kate, Brenda Stubbert’s, Cadgers Of The Canongate, Clancy’s Fancy, The Cockerel In The Creel, Coleman’s Cross, The Convenience, Dowd’s No. 9, Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight, Eoghainn Ian Alasdair, Father Eugene’s Welcome To Cape North, The Flying, The Golden Eagle, The Golden Keyboard, Grannie’s, Hanly’s, I Was Not … Since Martinmas, The Inverness Gathering, Jenny’s Chickens, Jim Hodder’s, Jimmy’s Return, John Blessing’s, John Doherty’s, John McFadden’s Favourite, Keep It Up, Lady Anne Montgomery, Late To Slumber, Early To Rise, MacArthur Road, Master Crowley’s, Master McDermott’s, Miss Montgomery, Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth, The Moving Bogs, Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, My Kindly Sweetheart, The New Copperplate, O’Connor Donn’s, Old Man Dillon, Over The Moor To Maggie, The Oyster Wife’s Rant, Paddy Fahey’s, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pipe Slang, Planxty Davis, Port Na Fainne, Push About The Jorum, Ratha Fair, Return To Camden Town, Rise Ye Lazy Fellow, Scotch Cap, Seán Sa Cheo, Sir Walter Scott, St. Kilda Wedding, The Steeplechase, The Tailor’s Thimble, The Templehouse, Toss The Feathers, Wissahickon Drive, Yester House.

  1. A Flick Of The Wrist by Brendan Larrissey
  2. A Glint o’ Scottish Fiddle by Patsy Reid
  3. Black Velvet by Black Velvet
  4. Boomerang by Troy MacGillivray
  5. Chromatic Button Accordion by John Bowe and Mary Conroy
  6. Cockerel In The Creel by Iain Macfarlane & Ingrid Henderson
  7. Dram & Go by Dram & Go
  8. E Koad Nizan by Jean-Michel Veillon And Yvon Riou
  9. Edge of the Bow by Seán Heely
  10. Farewell To Lough Neaghe by Bonnie Shaljean
  11. Fyvie’s Embrace - The Golden Age Of The Scottish Fiddle by Chris Duncan, Julian Thompson & Catherine Strutt
  12. Good Morning To Your Nightcap by Paul Maguire, Desy Adams, Ruadhrai O’Kane, Ryan O’Donnell
  13. Imeall by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh
  14. In Session by BoneZone
  15. Isn’t Anyone Going To Stop Them? by The Magic Square
  16. Kissin’ Is the Best of A’ by Bruce MacGregor And Christine Hanson
  17. Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle Vol. 2 by Alasdair Fraser
  18. Legends Of Tara by Various Artists
  19. Lord Of The Dance by Various Artists
  20. Na Rósaí by Na Rósaí
  21. New Spring by Battlefield Band
  22. Presence by Catherine Fraser And Duncan Smith
  23. Síocháin na Tuaithe (Peace of the Countryside) by Enda Seery
  24. Stranger At The Gate by Paddy O’Brien
  25. Strong Bow by Kierah
  26. Tasty Touches CD 1 by Martin Donohoe
  27. The First Measure by Pipedown
  28. The Mason’s Apron by Sully
  29. The New York Connection by Dylan Foley and Josh Dukes
  30. The Piper’s Broken Finger by Boys Of The Lough
  31. The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience by The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience
  32. The Shores Of Lough Graney by P.J. Hayes And Martin Hayes
  33. Up In The Air by Danu
  34. Wooden Flute & Fiddle by Calum Stewart And Lauren MacColl