Twenty-two recordings of Bonnie Anne

Also known as Boney Anne, Bonnie Ann.

This tune has been recorded together with The Fair-haired Lass (a few times), The Highlandman Who Kissed His Granny (a few times), The Old Dudeen (a few times), Scotch Mary (a few times), The Bank Of Ireland, Bob Johnson’s, The Boy In The Boat, Cadgers Of The Canongate, Da Scallowa Lasses, The Dublin Lads, The Famous Ballymote, Farewell To Connaught, Harry-O, The Hermit From Killarney, Jessie Over The Bridge, The Kerry Jig, The Longford Tinker, Molly On The Shore, The Piper’s Despair, Planxty Davis, Push About The Jorum, The Roscommon, Scotch Cap, The West Wind.

  1. …Born For Sport by Paul O’Shaughnessy And Harry Bradley
  2. A Musical Trip To Coleman Country by Various Artists
  3. Ceol ag an nGeata: Music at the Gate by Tim Hill
  4. Classic Scots Fiddle Recordings from the Thirties by The Cameron Men
  5. Don’t Touch The Elk by Niall Keegan
  6. Edge of the Bow by Seán Heely
  7. For The Sake Of Old Decency by Various Artists
  8. Inné Amárach by Téada
  9. Lan Dochais by Mayo Roscommon Hospice Support Group, Newport
  10. Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle Vol. 2 by Alasdair Fraser
  11. Music For The Sets Volume 2: Mind The Dresser by Various Artists
  12. Pigeon on the Gate by Michael Gorman, Margaret Barry
  13. Set You Free by Nomos
  14. Si l’hiver peut prendre by Lawrence O’Hearn and André Marchand
  15. The Cobblestone Sessions by Various Artists
  16. The Family Album by The McCarthys
  17. The Green Fields Of America by The Green Fields Of America
  18. The Moneymusk by Hammy Hamilton
  19. The New Broom by Willie Kelly And Mike Rafferty With Donal Clancy
  20. Traditional Irish Music From Boston by The Magic Square
  21. Wooden Flute Obsession Volume 1 CD 1 by Various Artists
  22. Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 2, Disc 1 by Various Artists