Six recordings of Donnie Nolan’s

Also known as Frank Downey’s, The Kilfenora Barndances #2, The Kilfenora Barndances No. 2, The Kilfenora Barndances, Kilrush Polka 2, Kilrush Polkas, The Kilrush Polkas #2, The Kilrush Polkas No. 2.

This tune has been recorded together with Follow Me Down To Milltown (a few times), Tear The Calico.

  1. A Kilfenora Night by Various Artists
  2. A Wind Of Change by Brendan O’Regan
  3. Clare Ceili by The Kilfenora Ceili Band
  4. Heart And Home by Lucy Farr
  5. Live In Lisdoonvarna by The Kilfenora Ceili Band
  6. The Maple Leaf by Jimmy Noonan, Michael Shorrock, Chris Mc Grath & Ted Davis