Seven recordings of
The Maid Of Mount Kisco
George White’s Favorite

The Maid Of Mount Kisco (reel) is also known as Gearrchaile Sliabh Cisco, The Maid Of Monsisco, The Maid Of Mont Cisco, The Maid Of Mount Cisco, The Maid Of Mountcisco, The Maid Of Mt. Cisco, The Maid Of Mt. Kisco, The Maid Of Mt. Kisko, Maids Of Monsisco, The Maids Of Mont Cisco, The Maids Of Montcisco, The Maids Of Mount Cisco, The Maids Of Mount Kisco, The Maids Of Mt Cisco, The Maids Of Mt. Cisco, The Maids Of Mt. Kisco.

George White’s Favorite (reel) is also known as Bessie Sweeney, The Boys Of Carrowcastle, Carracastle Lasses, The Carracastle Lasses, Carrowcastle Lasses, Carrowcastle Lassies, George White’s, George White’s Fancy, George White’s Favourite, George Whites, George Whyte’s Fancy, George Whyte’s Favourite, Lass Of Carracastle, The Lass Of Carrowcastle, Lasses Of Carracastle, The Lasses Of Carracastle, The Reeler, Rogha Sheoirse De Faoite, Sweeney’s.

Ceol Tire by Various Artists

  1. Carrowcastle Lassies
  2. The Maids Of Mt. Cisco
  3. St. Ruth’s Bush

Clear The Dresser And Take The Floor by Emerald Ceili Band

  1. George White’s Favourite
  2. The Concertina
  3. The Maids Of Mount Cisco

Irish Dance Music by Various Artists

  1. The Lasses Of Carracastle
  2. The Maid Of Mt. Kisko
  3. St. Ruth’s Bush

Music for Set Dancing Volume II by Johnny Reidy & The Sliabh Luachra Ceili Band

  1. Maid Of Mount Kisco
  2. George White’s Favourite
  3. The Foxhunter’s

The Coming Of Spring by Cliff Moses

  1. The Lass Of Carrowcastle
  2. Maid Of Mt. Cisco
  3. The Gravel Walk

The Irish Music Anthology (40 Classic Songs, Jigs And Reels) by Various Artists

  1. The Lasses Of Carracastle
  2. The Maid Of Mount Kisco
  3. St. Ruth’s Bush

Yield Up The Night Time by Mike Butler, Aidan McMahon & Michael Landers

  1. George White’s
  2. Maid Of Mount Cisco
  3. Sporting Pat