The Monoceros jig

Also known as The Unicorn.

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Monoceros ~ Wikipedia

“Monoceros (Latin for Unicorn) is a faint constellation on the winter night sky, surrounded by Orion to the west, Gemini to the north, Canis Major to the south and Hydra to the east. Other bordering constellations includes Canis Minor, Lepus and Puppis.”

“NO COMMENT!?” ~ I find it worse when someone has a composition they submit and haven’t the grace to admit it, or if it isn’t theirs, then at least to give it some attribution. A sentence would be better than nothing. At least GM has the grace to say “one of mine”… Is the contributor embarrassed by their contribution?

Mea maxima culpa

Yes, I am very embarrassed, actually.

Okay. ceolachan has quite rightly fanned the embers of what passes for my conscience, so I’m adding some info here.

I’m not sure if folks outside of North America are even aware of the song by Shel Silverstein (a big hit for the Irish Rovers) called The Unicorn Song, hugely popular with the green beer crowd. As a lark I tried to work the melody out as a jig last St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s the result. Left it, and forgot about it until recently, kind of a sleeper cell in the database. Figured my attempt had so mangled the melody that nobody got it, or more likely, got it but felt it unworthy of comment.

Ahh, that’s it, the flame has took and I can feel the warmth… 😉