Jig In A jig

Also known as Gerry O’Connor’s Jig In A, Rory’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jig In A
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
B|[c3e3]{d}cBA|BAF ECB,|~A,3 CA,C|ECE FEC|
A,2 c cBA|BAF ECB,|~A,3 CA,C|EAG A2 B|
A,2 e cBA|BAF ECB,|~A,3 CA,C|EAG A2 E||
A/B/cE GBE|Ace a2 e|faf ecA|cB_B =BcB|
A/B/cE GBE|Ace a2 e|faf ecB|{d}BAG AcB|
A/B/cE GBE|Ace a2 g|~f3 ecA|cB_B =BcB|
A/B/cA GFE|Ace a2 e|faf ecB|{d}BAG A2 B||
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Two comments

Jig in A

I transcribed this from the playing of Gerry O’Connor on fiddle, from his Journeyman cd. It’s the first tune on the first track. In the sleeve notes, he also calls it Rory’s Jig after Rory Kennedy, an accordion player.

I like how the melodu snakes around, unlike many jigs in A that tend to saw on repeated notes based more on chords than melody lines (the |cee aee|fdd ecc| sort). And Gerry’s subtle touches really bring the tune to life.

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Re: Jig In A

I discovered this lovely jig via a lovely Mark Roberts CD called The High Caul Cap. He calls this tune Clay’s Jig.