Two recordings of
Casey’s Pig
St. Kilda Wedding

Casey’s Pig (hornpipe) is also known as Casey’s Pig Highland Fling, The Duke Of Fife’s Birthday, Duke Of Gordans, Duke Of Gorden’s Birthday, Duke Of Gordon, The Duke Of Gordon, Duke Of Gordon’s, Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday, The Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday, The Duke Of Gordon’s Strathspey, The Duke Of Gordon’s, Duke Of Gordons Birthday.

St. Kilda Wedding (reel) is also known as Glen Girvan, The Pickle Leech, Saint Kilda Wedding, Saint Kilda’s Wedding, St Kilda Wedding, The St Kilda Wedding, St Kilda’s Wedding, The St. Kilda Wedding, St. Kilda’s Wedding, St.Kilda Wedding.

House Sessions by Brenda Stubbert

  1. Stormont Lads
  2. The Duke Of Gordon’s
  3. The Maid Of The House
  4. Poppy Leaf
  5. St. Kilda’s Wedding
  6. Trip To Windsor
  7. Moxam Castle

Live At The Music Room by Troy MacGillivray

  1. Pointe Au Pic
  2. Rod Alexander’s
  3. St Kilda’s Wedding
  4. Miss McLeod’s
  5. Paddy On The Turnpike
  6. Hughie Shortie’s
  7. Duke Of Gordon
  8. Braes Of Tullymet
  9. The Donside
  10. Davie Taylor