One recording of
Casey’s Pig
The Croppies’ March

Casey’s Pig (hornpipe) is also known as Casey’s Pig Highland Fling, The Duke Of Fife’s Birthday, Duke Of Gordans, Duke Of Gorden’s Birthday, Duke Of Gordon, The Duke Of Gordon, Duke Of Gordon’s, Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday, The Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday, The Duke Of Gordon’s Strathspey, The Duke Of Gordon’s, Duke Of Gordons Birthday.

The Croppies’ March (polka) is also known as A Maire Cad Ta Ort?, Baile Bheachain, The Banks Of Enverness, The Banks Of Inverness, The Banks Of The Inverness, The Ceanngulla, The Croppies’March, Croppy’s, Croppy’s Retreat, The Croppy’s Retreat, Freedom For Ireland, Heather On The Hill, The Heather On The Hill, Ireland Forever, The Kerryman’s Daughter, Lark’s Neck, The Lark’s Neck, Lark’s Nest, The Lark’s Nest, Molly What Ails You?.

The Fiddle Music Of Prince Edward Island by Various Artists

  1. Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
  2. Sheehan’s
  3. Heather On The Hill
  4. Poppy Lean
  5. College