Cristina Pato’s Muiñeira jig

Also known as A Cabaleira, Cristina Pato’s Muineira #2, Muiñeira, Muiñeira A Cabaleira, Muiñeiras.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cristina Pato's Muiñeira
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GAB dBd|c2A cAF|DFA cAc|B2 B DBG|
DGB dBd|c2A cAF|DFA cAF|1 ~G3 BdB:|2 ~G3 G2 A||
BAB GAB|cBc EFG|(GA){B}A DEF|1 ~G3 G2 A:|2 ~G3 BdB||

Thirteen comments

Muiñeira called "A cabaleira"

This muiñeira is called "A cabaleira" and it was composed by Mr. Fariña.
Cabaleira I think is something like cavalry and Fariña is harina in spanish and flour in english.
You can hear it in a double CD called "Instrumentos Musicais populares galegos" from the Popular University from Vigo (Galiza).

A Cabaleira

I recommend to use the correct name in galician language of our galician Country:
Now, in democracy, we can use the galician name for our country.Thanks.

Re: Cristina Pato’s Muiñeira

Who is/was Cristina Pato pls?

Re: Cristina Pato’s Muiñeira

Noel, she is a brilliant musician from Galicia, in trad (pipes) classic and contemporary
Give Mr. Google a chance 🙂