Sullivan John reel

Also known as Ketch Called Sullivan John, Sullivan’s John.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sullivan John
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
c3G AcGc|AcGc deed|c3G AcGc|egdc BGAB|
c3G AcGc|AcGc deed|cega g3a|egdc BGAB|
c3g ecgc|ecgc BGBd|c3g ecgc|BG(3GGG BcdB|
c3g ecgc|ecgc BGBd|cega g3a|ecgc BGBd|
cA(3AAA cded|c2ec BGGd|cA(3AAA cded|egdc BGBd|
cA(3AAA cded|c2ec BGGd|cega g3a|egdc BGBd|

Seven comments

This time…

I got it.

“The Dusty Miller” track on the Chieftains “Water from the Well” (the source from which I transcribed this tune) is:

–The Dusty Miller (a rare version of a commonly known slip jig)
–Ketch Called Sullivan John
–Dowd’s #9
–Hunter’s House

The trouble came in because the liner notes in the CD left out mention of Hunter’s House, and the recording only features this tune in abbreviated form, played ABC, A–>and then into Dowd’s, etc. I didn’t really notice the tune was there at all.

It’s a great tune, especially played fast! (Aren’t they all?)

Thanks to everyone who rapped me on the knuckles when I was wrong.

Yes, Will, I checked the DB severely to see if this tune was already there, so lay off!

Lol, I have no complaint. 🙂

Then again, bumped up to D maj, this tune sounds familiar. Can’t place a name to it, though.

|~d3 A BdAd|BdAd ef{a}fe|….

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Sullivan John (reel)

It’s not clear why this tune is posted as being in G maj when it’s obviously in C, and doesn’t have even one F# in it. Good tune, anyway.

Will: stop trying to start trouble…

Trevor: Good point. I guess I was unconciously trying to fit the mode I felt a backer might play. I guess it would’ve been helpful if I had any sort of grasp on modal accompaniment.

Anyone else BUT FOR WILL agree that it should be a C tune?

Heh, I didn’t even look at the key signature. But yes, it’s clearly in C maj–resolves to c nat, not G. Backers will likely use a lot of Cmaj and Am chords.

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Fine, you’ve beaten me into submission. C major it is.

Put that in your flute and blow it!

Thanks, folks, especially Will.

no capo required