The Ballyoran hornpipe

Also known as The Ballyoran, The Wonder.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Ballyoran
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|"G"dBcA "D" BGAF|"G" G2 GF GABc |"G"dg g2 bgdB |"D" cABG A2 Bc|
"G"dBcA BG (3AGF |"G"G2GF GABc |"D7"dgg2fgag|"G"g2gfg2:|
Bc |"G"dgg2bgg2 |"G"dgfg edBG|"D7"FGAB cBce|"D7"agfe d2Bc|
"G"dgg2bgg2 |"G"dg(3gfg edBG |"D7"FGAB cADF|"G"AGGFG2:|
dc|"G" BDGB dgfg | "C" ec c2 Gceg | "D7" fdd2 fgaf |"G"dgg2bgdc|
"G" BDGB dgfg | "C" ec c2 Gceg | "D7" fdd2 fg (3agf | "G" g2 "D7" gf "G" g2 :|

Five comments

The Wonder

There is a more known tune, called "The Wonder", but in Central Connecticut where I attend sessions, this "The Wonder" is a lot more known. We play this after another hornpipe, "Fairy Queen." Does anyone know the background of this tune? I would love to know!

Atsushi, This tune was already posted back in Oct, if you look it up you can read the comments i posted about it.

This is a strange setting, I think your tune changed names somewhere along the line. "The Wonder" that I’ve always heard is the other setting submitted by Joerg.

Looking at this tune I think it is actually a hornpipe called the Ballyoran (composed by Sean Ryan?).
Mick O’ Brien recorded it on the Flags of Dublin LP from 1979.




Yes, it was composed by Sean Ryan.

The person who taught it to me told me that this tune was submitted to a tune competition (is there such a thing at the All-Ireland?) in the same year as Father Kelly submitted "Father Kelly’s" reel. The "Ballyoran Hornpipe" won, "Father Kelly’s" came in second.