Muiñeira De Cabana jig

Also known as The Jig Danced At The Church Square, Muineira A De Cabana, Muneira De Cabana.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Muiñeira De Cabana
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
d2^c|:ABA GEG|FED D^CD|EFG ABc|B2A d2^c|
ABA GEG|FED D^CD|EFG GFE|1 D3 d2^c:|2 D3 DEF||
A^FD =BA=B|A^FD ^FED|^C=BA G^FE|1 D3 ^FGA:|2 D3 A3|B3 A3|D6|D||
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Galicia is one of the most important and unknown parts of the world. Galicia are in the north-west part of Spain, and a lot of his tradicionally music has been conserved. I recomend to play this tune with the fiddle , but is better to play whit the “Galician pipes” ! The sound of the Galician Pipes is more sharp if we compare with the scotish bagpipes, that are more low.
The word “mu

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Very nice, but this undescores the discussion we’re having on “Celtic” music. Even i can tell this is not Irish. It does remind me a lot of an album i have by Kepa Junqueira, Basque music.

I’m not slamming you for posting this. It’s a nice tune.

Keko, this is very interesting! You say that you can use the same ornamentation as Irish or Scottish – how does a Galician ornament a tune? And the Galician Pipes – are they similar to uilleann pipes? Do they have registers, or are they like the bagpipes with their drones? I’m looking forward to trying this tune out on our piper…!


This tune, being in D-minor and modulating at one point to D-major, would certainly not be ideal for the uillean pipes (although there are bound to be a few players out there who could tackle it). The melodic-type minor scale (with a sharpened 7th) is one thing which sets this tune apart from any traditional Irish tune.

Accessing the sheet music

I can’t actually access the sheet music to this tune. Is anyone else having the same problem? Could it be fixed please Jeremy if there is a problem?

Thanks, GK

Accesing the sheet music

I have the same problem to access or dwnload the sheetmusic

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Glad to see that somebody else has picked up on the music from the “Celtic” parts of Northern Spain.
My own two favourite bands playing this music are “LLAN DE CUBEL” who have a “Bothy Band”-style line up of instruments, and a new young band called “TEJEDOR” who feature Asturian pipes,whistles and accordion. Both groups also have excellent singers, and I would recommend them both to anyone with an interest in the more predominant celtic music of Ireland and Scotland.

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Does anyone know about great pubs with live music in galicia/asturias?

hi I can t access to the sheet music either.I love galician and asturian music.I m going to do the pilgrim ofsantiago de compostella this summer.
here there are some nice bands:carlos nunez,hevia,berrogu etto,susana seivane,avante cuideiru
Does anyone know about great pubs there with live music?


This tune appears on the Dublin in Vigo track on The Chieftains’ Santiago record.


Battlefield Band

This is pretty much the same tumne that the Battlefield band recorded in the disr=ant past when brian McNeil was stil playing with them. I think they called “Muniera sul sacrato della chiesa”