The Carrick Tinker waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Carrick Tinker
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
B2|: A4B2| c2B2A2 | B2A2G2| A2G2E2 | A4B2| c4e2 | d2B2G2 | G4E2 |
A4B2| c2B2A2 | B2A2G2 | A4ef | g2b2a2| g4e2 | d2B2G2| G4B2 |
e4de |e2d2B2 | e4A2| A3Bcd | e2d2e2 |e2d2B2 | d2B2G2 | G3ABd |
e4de| e2d2B2 | e4A2| A4ef | g2b2a2 |g4e2 | d2B2G2 |G4B2 |
c4A2| B4A2 | e4A2 |A4B2 | c4A2| B4A2 | d2B2G2| G2B2d2 |
c2B2A2| B2A2G2 | A2G2E2| G4AB | c2e2d2| c4A2 |1 B2A2G2 |G4B2:|2 B2A2G2| A6||

Ten comments

This emotional slow waltz is played by fiddler John Hymas in a CD called Irish Jigs that I will eventually post to the recordings session.

A 6/8 Waltz?

I’ve commented on this anomaly before. It somewhat cuts against my musical instincts, knowledge and experience. Can someone please enlighten me? If we are presenting information to a variety of people, including those with limited musical knowledge, then at least we must make it as unambiguous as possible. if the fault is with making mistakes when using ABC there are ways of checking notation before contribution.

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My fault!

I’ve just fixed the ABC; I’m not sure how I ended up submitting
an incorrect version (I did prepare a correct one). Sorry about
that. I am also adding a name - the Carrick Tinker - which is actually the track name on the CD, but for lack of a known tune name, I guess it’s better than "gan ainm".

You still need twice as many barlines as you have in the abc. As it stands it’s in 6/4.

Right. Thanks.

Nota bene!

Having fixed the ABC, there is now a discrepancy between
the ABC and the sheet music. Please use the ABC! (the difference is not only in the meter: a few notes were actually wrong).

6/8 waltz? very slow emotional jig

Have tried playing this as a waltz - sorry but it doesn’t work for me.
I did think it should have been presented as:
M: 3/4
L: 1/4
‘A’ music example ; B | A2B | cBA | BAG | etc playing it with a very waltzy rhythm at various speeds including very slow. very slowly I wanted to add notes and dot various crotchets.
I tried it as a very slow jig, keeping the bar lines as originally put down and in 6/8. Accompaniment on guitar or with basses on accordian would be very subtle and I would want to demonstrate not try to describe. I haven’t heard your source CD, sixholes, but have an instinctive feeling that 6/8 would be correct tempo. I’m drawn to compare it with Planxty Irwin. Not for any tune similarity obviously, but for the tempo I use for PI and its rhythmic feel. Food for thought perhaps.

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I tend to agree with your first guess - in fact I meant to write it as M:3/4 and L:1/4, but the upload interface set the note length to 1/8 without asking…
Please download the ABC again, you’ll get the version I think is right.
The way it is played on the disk, it is slower then the way I would play planxty Irwin. Or (perhaps more informatively) the way it is played on the Ash Plant CD.

Sheetmusic OK Now

Thanks, Jeremy!

Re: The Carrick Tinker

12 years later, I’ve found out that the tinker concerned is actually from Limerick and used to be a double jig before John Hymas recorded his slow take on it which I preceived to be a slow waltz (whether that was his intention I cannot tell). The jig is in O’Neill’s 1001 and is also on the session:, 2nd setting.