Twenty-four recordings of The Hurricane

Also known as Skinner’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Colonel Thornton (a few times), The Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord (a few times), The Gravel Walks (a few times), The Highlander’s Farewell To Ireland (a few times), Memories Of Winston (a few times), Miss Shepherd (a few times), Miss Stewart Of Grantully (a few times), The Newcastle (a few times), The Old Flail (a few times), Welcome To The Trossachs (a few times), Andy Renwick’s Ferret, Aoife’s, The Banks Of Spey, Barry’s Trip To Paris, The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Society’s Welcome To The Shetland Islands, Captain Campbell, The Contradiction, Da Grocer, Danny Ab’s, The Dawn, The Eclipse, Editor’s Favourite, Hamish The Carpenter, I Think It’s Thursday, Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie, John Cheap The Chapman, The Jolly Tinker, Julia Delaney’s, Kevin Ryan’s, King George IV, The King’s, The Kylebrack Rambler, Lime Hill, Lively Steps, The Miller Of Drone, Monymusk, O’er The Isles To America, The Old Time Wedding, Palmer’s Gate, The Presbyterian, The Red Crow, Red Shoes, Sandy Grant, Sleepy Maggie, Smelling Fresh, The Spey In Spate, Stoidhle Neill Ghobha, Up Da Stroods, The Warlocks.

  1. Cape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm by Howie MacDonald & Ashley MacIsaac
  2. Cheoil Binn by Kathleen Gorey-McSorley
  3. Coppers And Brass by Dick Gaughan
  4. Decade by Fidil
  5. Demo by Loris MacDonald and Daniel Quayle
  6. Explosive Fiddlers by The Explosive Fiddlers
  7. Fiddle Music 101 by Ashley MacIsaac
  8. For Each New Day by Jennifer Roland
  9. Hunter’s Moon by Calum Stewart And Heikki Bourgault
  10. In My Hands by Natalie MacMaster
  11. Jean Carignan Plays The Music Of Coleman, Morrison And Skinner by Jean Carignan
  12. Live in Shetland by Jenna Reid
  13. Live-Disc 1 by Natalie MacMaster
  14. Michelle O’Brien, Aogan Lynch And Gavin Ralston by Michelle O’Brien, Aogan Lynch And Gavin Ralston
  15. Out Of Court by Maire Ni Chathasaigh And Chris Newman
  16. Playing in Traffic by Olivia Korkola
  17. Sans Relache by Dominique Dupuis
  18. Scottish Inheritance by Bonnie Rideout
  19. Tall Tails by Old Blind Dogs
  20. The Call by Rebecca Lomnicky
  21. The Hurricane by Donogh Hennessy And Mark Crickard
  22. There’s A Buzz by Battlefield Band
  23. Wired Up by Alistair McCulloch
  24. With Silver & All by Jenna Reid