Pity Me reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pity Me
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
ABcA FAEC|DAFD EB~B2|ABce fcef|(3=gfe fd BAA:|
|:d|ea~a2 gafa|ec (3Bcd Edcd|ea~a2 gece|fBBA B2cd|
ea~a2 gafa|ec (3Bcd Edcd|eAA=G EGDG|(3Bcd =gd BAA:|

Five comments

Pity Me

One of my compositions which started life as a hornpipe in D and then changed over a few years into a reel in A. There are lots of places called “Pity Me” in the northeast of England; see these links for theories on the derivation of the name - http://www.thisisthenortheast.co.uk/the_north_east/history/echomemories/durham/304/240904.html
It was als a local name for a place where I used to go fishing with friends when I was a kid. There were some fields and a coppice and a little stream and a bridge and lots of wildlife, and it was only a short bike ride away from my village. I don’t remember ever catching any fish there though.

I`ve heard this before….

Souinds suspiciously like a James Hill Hornpipe….

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Thanks cos, I’m flattered, but no, I’ve checked through all the JH hornpipes and this bears no resemblance to any of them. Any similarity to any other tune you know was unintentional.

Only joking,Dow!

Its a nice tune.Do you attribute “The Pear Tree”,hornpipe in F to James Hill?I got the dots from Josie Keegan once and its a great tune.I haven`t come across it on this site.Also what do you know about the “Low Level”,Hornpipe?Sean McGuire recorded it once with the “High Level”,and Its also Called The “Best Shot “Hornpipe-its a cracker-Perhaps one of Hill`s.

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As far as I know, the Pear Tree is by James Hill, but I haven’t heard of the Low Level. I thought you might be talking about the Earl Grey Hornpipe before. The B-part goes aAgA fAeA|dBcA GBBg|aAgA fAeA… which is a bit similar to what I have here.