One recording of
Buntata ’s Sgadan
The Otter’s Holt

Buntata ’s Sgadan (reel) is also known as Buntata ’s Sgadan, Buntata Agus Sdagán, Buntata’s Sgadan, Butanta Agus Sdagán, Fish And Tatties, Mackerel And Tatties, Tatties And Herring.

The Otter’s Holt (reel) is also known as The Aughdara, The Otter’s Lair, The Otter’s Nest, Pol An Madra Uisce, Pol An Madre Uisce, Poll An Madra Uisce, Poll An Mhadra Uisce, The Waterdog’s Hole.

A Moment in Time by Innes Watson and Jarlath Henderson

  1. The Otter’s Holt
  2. Buntata ‘s Sgadan
  3. Stattin Island